iNAM Stands for It’s Not About Me “He must Increase, but I must Decrease.” John 3:30

Our goal as a student ministry is to equip parents, leaders, and students for the Lord. This will happen by many activities for each group. See announcements belowA�for deadlines that are coming up!

    iNAM 2018 Mission trip – South Texas June 23-30, 2018 Our church is going on our yearly mission trip to South, Texas. This year we will have our students joining in on their own mission trip during the day. At night adults and youth will join together for VBS. For students 9-12th grade, the cost will be $85. Eighth grade and younger may come, but must be accompanied by a parent. Students who want to come, must volunteer in the FBC VBS held June 11-15, 2018.

Check out the new Youth shirts!  They will be on sale Wednesdays for $10/each.

Also, the Youth building will also be open at 3:30 pm on Wednesdays so come by, check in, & hang out!

School Year Schedule:

Below is the consent form for your student to participate in all activities that we do this year. Please fill this out and get it to Bro. Jonathan or Church Office.
Thank you!!!

Parental Consent & Release


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